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Commercial Cleaning Contractor

Client since 2012

Extract from Owner, Managing Director of Bandon Services

Client Case Study…

“If I had to do it myself,” said Glenn. “I can’t calculate the amount of time it would have taken me. I would rather pull my teeth out with a pair of pliers when it comes to paperwork but Rangita loves doing this kind of admin work and is passionate about it. I can’t understand why anyone would be passionate about admin work but she is!”

“Rangita is someone you can trust; she proved it with Bandon Services”.

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Action_coach_logo (1)Extract from an ActionCOACH Business Coach
Client Case Study…

“Meeting Rangita saved my life.     I’ve trusted her to such an extent that I’ve had no hesitation in sharing sensitive data including my credit card details! Rangita had all the flexibility of a contractor but all the commitment of an employee and I know she put in a lot of extra time too in getting things right. I would get emails from her at all hours of the day including weekends!”

“Rangita saved me 14-16 hours a week.  With the time I’ve saved I’ve been able to focus more on my coaching activities including offering additional guidance and support to my clients.  As a result this has definitely helped to increase my client numbers and my financial success. Additionally, I can now spend more time with my kids and pick them up from school too in the safe knowledge that my back-office administration and paperwork were in safe hands”

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