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What does your Linked-in Profile say about you?

One of the hardest things is to write about yourself.and there is a fair bit of  ‘writing about yourself’ involved on your linkedin profile. It can also consume some of your valuable time to complete all the sections – people usually have good intentions.  They attend training sessions, learn how to do everything, then give up because they don’t have time to finish the job ! 123-va can help you create an engaging linkedin profile

 So, First things First… Understand why you should have a Linkedin profile

 WHO? Linkedin is a professional networking platform which offers opportunities for.  Students & Employees – looking for work or new career options.  Business Owners looking for business growth. Generalpeople who want to make connections with like minded people, to discuss, learn and share experiences

 Linkedin is a Professional on-line Network Linkedin can open doors for you

 HOW? Making Connections – with people you know, from the past, present and future – they may need your skills now or in the future, or know someone else who does.  Building credibilityask for Recommendations of the work you have done for them. A reference that stays with you for ever.  Generate Authority in your area of expertise – through sharing and Q&A Learn – engage with like minded people

Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Found

WHY? Be Remembered – by Sharing knowledge and information that benefits.  Be Found – On search engines, people check your linkedin profile, visit your web page.  Be Contactable – People may want to buy from you, recommend you or head hunt you for a job

 Don’t under estimate the power of Linked-in. Here’s how 123-va can help

Your Linkedin profile is about ‘YOU’ Step 1:  is to find out everything we can about you, what you want to achieve in life and what you’re doing to get there. Step 2:  we will do all the write-up, complete profile top-to-bottom. Step 3:  we will show you how to use it so you can get value out of your new linkedin profile Step 4: we can help you to maintain your profile, find out how you can contribute to group activity, share status updates on your behalf, do regular house-keeping such as making changes to the profile to keep in line with what you are doing ….. and as always, we offer a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, if you’re not completely satisfied


Makeover, Training and Learn Lindkedin subscription £45 ** Best Deal **

Training only £20 / hour

Bi-monthly Learn Linkedin training subscription only  £12.50 (one-off single payment)

Maintenance & Updates £15 / hour (from 1-4 hours/month)

All fees per person 


Complete the Form Below Select your option Wait for the invoice Make your payment We’ll contact you to arrange booking

What people say:

“Rangita has recently supported my business with her excellent skills and experience of business administration systems, spreadsheets and a database. Rangita was also responsible for updating my Linkedin Profile and introducing a totally new Business Linkedin Profile. Rangita provides a highly professional and confidential service which can be delivered remotely if required at a very affordable price. I am happy to recommend Rangita to my colleagues and friends.”  Richard Cooper, Business Growth Coach, Mentor, Business Consultant supporting individuals and businesses to improve their performance

“I was recommended to Rangita with regards to improving my Linkedin profile. Her knowledge and expertise has been proved with an increase in the number of views in my profile in such a short period of time.” Andrew Mitchell, Just one phone call to meet all Health & Safety (PAT Testing) needs in your workplace. Passionate, Pro-Active, Punctual

“I would like to take this opportunity to commend your expertise developing my Linkedin profile. For someone like me who is not particularly proficient in this aspect you made this a very simple easy process with a very professional result which is exactly what I wanted. I would happily recommend your service to others who need help.” Jennifer Saunders, Parish Clerk

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