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Typing Service Mind Map-WPIs  Writing  an integral part of your business?

 123-vas Typing Service will Review, Structure, Type, Check, Correct

Presenting handwritten or draft notes or lists into professional documents, spreadsheets or presentations

Types of work we can do for you:

  • Copy Typing:  handwritten notes or PDF conversions
  • Audio Typing: Voice, Tape, Video Recordings
  • Data Entry: Text or figures
  • Presentations:  Powerpoint, Visio

How it works:

  • Handwritten or electronic draft documents can be posted, emailed (scanned copies) or hand delivered to us to be typed up and returned.
  • Audio dictations from mobile phones, dictation machines or other can be emailed or placed in dropbox
  • Dictation delivered over the phone or via phonemail messages

Styling, Formatting and Proof-Reading

We will model the work to your corporate style if you have one or propose our own if you need one.

A Style includes:

  • Font type, size and colour
  • Numbering system for headings
  • Bullet symbols and Paragraph layouts
  • Margin and text layouts

Formatting is similar to above but it makes sure that the layout is consistent throughout the whole documents including headers and footers.

Proofreading & Editing essentially means your documents are checked for spelling errors, grammatical errors, correct use of punctuation and formats ensuring the document presents and reads well.

Why choose 123-VA?

Simply because we like it.  Our enthusiasm, experience and recommendations guarantees we will deliver a great service, whatever your needs are.

 Contact us now:

0845 4757 321
07787 503221

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