Transcription Service


Transcribe what?

  • Audio Voice Recordings made using a Mobile Phone or a Digital Recording device
  • Video Film Recordings from events you’ve run (e.g. workshops, seminars) or other film material
  • Pen and Paper handwritten notes you want typed up. See our Typing Service

Keep a typed copy to Keep or Give 

Doing it yourself? Are you being productive with your time?

Some people like to convert workshop presentations into an article or book, we can draft that up for you too

123-va experienced in the field of note taking & transcription for over 25 years

How it works:

We will accept Digital Voice recordings  and Video playbacks
Please tell us what file types you have or e-mail a copy so we can check it ourselves
We charge for the work by the hour

The time taken to transcribe a recording will depend on a number of factors:

  • The Quality of Sound
  • Howe many voices there are on the tape
  • Background noise
  • Complexity of the topic and/or language use

We won’t know how long it will take until we listen to the recording or watch the video.

As an estimate, a 45 minute voice recording could take an 1.5 hours to transcribe… some thing to bear in mind.

Confidential Assured and Guaranteed for all work sent to us.

Completed work returned via e-mail or Dropbox

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