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Ad BannersIs your business missing on out on Social Media?  

A lot of people I meet say that social media isn’t an important consideration when there are so many other aspects of their business they need to focus on. Time is an important factor and many people just don’t have the time to spend on social media. 

Out of Sight, Out of Mind – Don’t Be

 Here’s how 123-va can help you:

  • Set up all the key social media profiles (Twiter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest etc)
  • Make sure they look consistent and deliver the right message
  • Create a compelling linked-in profile that engages with the people who see it PLUS set up company pages
  • Search and connect with the right people
  • Source and Share content to raise your profile
  • Schedule updates to drive traffic to your blog and website
  • Interact with social networkers

Why use social media?

  • Because you are promoting your business for free on the world wide web
  • Because you should  “BE SEEN & HEARD”
  • Because not everyone who are in the market for what you offer will even know you exist unless you tell them
  • Because the more people who know about you, the more opportunities you have of growing your business

so NO, you don’t have to do it all by yourself – and you don’t have to do all of it either, choose the platform that best meets your business needs ( if not all).
123-VA is here to help you make the right selection and set it all up for you, then manage it too if you wish.

What is Social Media?

Social Networking, Networking on the World Wide Web, Networking with people you might not otherwise ever get to know or meet.

The most common social media platforms are:


Facebook Business Pages
USE IT to showcase products or services that appeal to both business and private customers e.g. consultation services, financial advice, food, music, books. health & fitness, beauty therapy and more
ENGAGE with your customers and friends. Tell them what you are doing.  Make it visual by adding photos and videos. Share special offers. Invite everyone you know to like your page & expand your followers.  Not to be confused with your facebook personal account


USE IT to share interesting and informative topics that may be of interest to other people too
FOLLOW people who talk about interesting things and BE FOLLOWED by people who like what you have to say
LINK it to your blog and facebook


images (1)Linkedin
USE IT to connect with people you know and meet
ASK FOR recommendations of the work you’ve done and RECEIVE endorsements for the services you provide
CREATE company pages and share news about your company 

PLUS there is YouTube to share Videos and Google+ .. more of that coming soon so watch this space.

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