Secretary, PA


Can a Virtual Assistant help?

 If is very difficult and time consuming to do everything by yourself 

Day-to-Day tasks we can get done for you:

  • Meetings arranged: just turn up
  • eMails actioned:  never miss urgent and important communications
  • Itineraries planned:  done for you when you’re on the move
  • Travel Arrangements made:  flights, trains, taxi, hotels, restaurants
  • Quotations preped & sent:  avoid competitors snapping up the job
  • Billing organised & managed:  invoices sent and payments chased
  • Basic Book-keeping: expense receipts logged & mileage calculated
  • Supplies sourced & ordered:  stationary and goods for your business
  • Documents Organised: sort, action, scan, file
  • Notes taken & Typed: phone or local face-to-face
  • Recordings transcribed: Audio or Visual
  • Gifts sourced: for special occasions
  • Events Organsied: Training, Workshops, Webinars
  • Inventories & Catalogues created:  for collectors, offices
  • Remind, Renew, Source Insurances: for business, home, vehicles etc
  • To-do lists actioned: work with you to reduce your workload
  • plus more

Why Choose us?

  • Good business knowledge and computer skills
  • Over 20 years of administrative experience in a broad range of industriesMP900385547
  • Deliver on agreed time and within budget
  • Hourly rates , fixed & agreed in advance
  • No Training or Supervision Required
  • Risk free satisfaction guarantee
  • No contracts or long term commitments

Who can we help?

Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Consultants, HR Practitioners, Lawyers, Solicitors, Health care professionals, Builders, Carpenters, Decorators, Electricians, Plumbers, Business & Lifestyle coaches, Authors, Writers, Publishers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Journalists, Motivational Speakers, Entertainers… and many more

Consider these questions before you decide what to do
Are you a business owner, or  just a very busy person?
Are you looking for part-time help to keep things organised?
Is employing full-time staff a viable option for you?
Is there enough work to occupy someone for the full day or a full week and
Is budget an important factor?
Have you considered if a ‘Virtual Assistant’ may be the best choice for you?

How does it work?

  • Communicate regularly via Phone, Text, e-Mail, Skype, MSN or Meet
  • Exchange information via e-Mail and Dropbox, Google Drive & Post

Contact us if you have any questions, need some advice or require a no-obligation quotation 

Learn more about 123-VA on our Home Page

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