Note Taking

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Can a Note-Taker help you out?

123-va is your local, Reliable and Independent Note-Taker covering Bedfordshire (Luton, Dunstable & the Villages)

Note Taking is an acquired skill

  • NOT everyone can take accurate notes
  • NOT everyone wants to take notes
  • NOT everyone enjoys taking notes

That’s why 123-va is the best choice when you are looking for a local note taking partner for your business or client – Ideal for many businesses including HR consultants, schools, colleges, universities and students

Note Takers are required at Why choose 123-VA
Disciplinary & Appeal Hearings Independent  & Unbiased
Consultation Meetings Discrete &  Confidential
Executive & Board Level Meetings Fast turnaround of typed notes
Student Lectures & Seminars Comprehensive note taking
Medical Hearings Accuracy & Detail
Brain storming sessions Capture ideas & Actions
… plus much more  

We can provide routine note taking support for any regular requirements or special projects:

  • Is your organisation is entering into negotiations of contracts?
  • Are you planning to reorganise your business and run staff consultation meetings?
  • Are taking notes at meetings distracting you from focusing on the discussions?

How it works:

  • Schedule Date and Time for note taking and return of typed notes
  • We will take notes as arranged
  • Notes typed up and returned to client via e-mail or dropbox to meet your deadlines
  • Supporting documents provided by client returned or shredded by us
  • All work undertaken in the strictest of confidence

Contact us for a no-obligation and confidential consultation about your note-taking requirements 

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