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Do you * Blog * ? 

It takes time to write a blog, then you need to drive traffic to it.
It’s fun but still a time consuming task if you consider all the other jobs you have to do in your business. 
123-va can help 


By doing some or all of the things below…..

  • Source  fresh and exciting content to share or write about
  • Edit a blog you’ve already written to make sure it reads well
  • Check for grammar & spelling mistakes (proofread and format it)
  • Add links to the blog and upload the blog on to your website or blogging platform
  • Write blog posts on social media to drive traffic to your blog

Your business is our business and it’s one less thing for you to think or worry about

What can a blog be about?

A blog can be may things:

  • Informative:  about what you do
  • Educational:  share ideas, tips and techniques others can use
  • Newsbreaking: share important changes that may impact others in your industry
  • Inspirational:  to motivate, challenge, relax and enjoy
  • Interesting: a sharing of experiences

Why introduce a blog to your marketing?

It’s good to share something you know 
It places you in a position of knowledge and authority
It gets you ‘seen’

What should you do before you start blogging?

  1. Identify your target market
    – Who do you want to read your blog?
    – Why would they want to read it (Rome wasn’t built in a day so fame has to be earnt therefore write some informative or educational)
  2. Decide where to blog, WordPress is the most commonly used blogging platform (that’s not just me saying it, it happens to be a generally popular opinion.. just google it)
  3. Where does your target market hang out and how will they see it?  
  4. Decide the frequency for your blogs (weekly, monthly, more often or less often?)
  5. Plan a blogging schedule in your diary 
  6. Make a list of topics you want to write about


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