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A Unique 3 Month Program to give your business a Kick-Start or Boost on Social Media

Best when you

  • Don’t have time to manage social media
  • Don’t have any social media presence
  • Don’t know what to do 
  • Don’t know how to drive traffic to your blog

How it’s done

In 3 easy steps by

  1. Establishing a presence on social networks
  2. Link building with your contacts
  3. Creating Awareness & Interaction with your business

How you benefit

  • Establish a Presence & Interaction on Social Media
  • Learn from the program and do it yourself if you want to

Go-Social is a be-spoke service, catering specifically for what your business needs.

Go-Social is not for everybody, some business may not benefit from it. To find out if yours can, call 07787-503221 to find out or complete the form below.


£200 per month for 3 months
£25 discount if paid in full in advance
Flexible Payment options

Contact us for a no-obligation and confidential consultation about your social media requirements



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