Business Cards to Business CRM

What do you do with the Business Cards you collect at a Networking Meeting?

* Log them on your CRM or Spreadsheet and follow-up straight away?
* Place them in a Card Holder, Wallet or Bag and forget about them?
* Leave them on your desk until they fall off the side into the bin?

Have you ever wondered what happens to yours when you hand them out? 

Forget about your business cards and your contacts or potential customers will forget about you !

123-VA will create an easy to manage Excel Database or use your own be-spoke software


Digital database accessible on the move

Easy to sort and search for your contacts

Use filters to find your contacts Quickly and Easily

Categorize your contacts into Prospects, Leads or other

Convert to Sales Pipeline to track and Follow-Up


£30 / 100 business cards without postal address

£40 / 100  business cards with postal addresses

Pricing applies to UK contact details only and we don’t charge for duplicates.  We will filter and discard them so you don’t have to.

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