Are you prone to Procrastination?

New Year, New Resolutions.

I read a good blog a little while back about Procrastination  which inspired me to write my own.

Most people are prone to procrastination at some point in their lives. Some of us will admit to it, others not.

I procrastinate when it comes to my own business because I’m too focused on my clients – until one day, a client says adieo (as is to be expected, nothing lasts forever as business needs change) and I find myself with a hefty gap in my schedule that I need to fill it quickly. I wouldn’t have had this problem if I hadn’t been procrastinating and instead been proactive with my marketing rather than dozing in the scant summer sunshine we’re sometimes blessed with.

So there I was, having been inspired by an impromptu email dropping into the inbox just as I was about to switch my Outlook off. The headline grabbed my attention and whilst not meaning to do so, I clicked on the link.  Allan makes some good points albeit they’re not necessarily different as many other writers on the subject of Procrastination have touched on the same.

The point is, what am I going to do about Procrastination?

Five years down the line and I still haven’t created any business literature so that’s become one of my top priorities. An outside perspective is required and I need to delegate that task. The moral of this story is that you just can’t achieve everything by yourself in your business, either due to lack of motivation, time or knowledge.

If this inspires someone else to get off their backside and do something with their lives than I’ve achieved something. If it inspires busy people to pick up the phone and give me a buzz to help them stop procrastinating than I’ve achieved my objective.  Because sometimes we all need to delegate, and when the time is right, it will be the best decision you will have ever made.

Would you like some much needed help with your business tasks?  Call me, Rangita at 123-VA. Virtually at your service when you need me and not when you don’t.  Just think of me your Flexible Friend !

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