Why bother with a Deep Tissue massage?

Have you ever felt like grabbing a hammer and hammering out all the knots in your shoulder?  Well, there’s been many occasions when I’ve felt like doing just that !  For me though, the solution is simple, make a beeline to my massage therapist and get the knots ironed out … or perhaps I should say kneeded out.  I prefer the knuckle therapy, thumbs and fists, It feels really good when my therapist can just find that painful spot and start undoing the knots in the muscles and smooth them out.

If you’ve never had one before, What does a Deep Tissue Massage feel like?
The therapist uses a combination of thumbs, fingers, knuckles and sometimes fists to dig into the muscles. It can be painful but if your pain threshold is low, just let your therapist know and she will modify the pressure accordingly. After the massage there can be some mild soreness for a couple of days afterwards but this is no great issue.  Personally I would rather put up with that than the knots.

The massage can be relaxing or invigorating, the deep tissue massage as the name implies is invigorating because it digs deep to untangle the bunched up muscles which for me is a result of poor posture, sitting at the desk often over 8 hours a day, and excessive use of the mouse and writing; being right handed my right side is always much worse than the left.  What’s more the site of the pain is not always the place where the problem originates, so initially treating the whole body is sometimes a better option than just isolating a specific area, like the back only.

What I didn’t know and what Maya, my therapist at Mayka’s Healing Hands, Dunstable Leisure Centre, put me right on, was that if you leave things untreated, minor issues can become serious problems. I wanted to savour every minute (90 of them) of my extended Deep Tissue Massage at the time, so I bombarded her with questions later to explain what she meant. Maya very kindly published a blog on Deep Tissue Massage. It is very enlightening. I would encourage everyone to read and take note, especially massage novices.

Maya’s knowledge and experience is incredible because to her it’s not just a job she has to do, but a passion to help other people live better pain free lives. So there is no better person to explain the danger of ‘calcification‘, a risk of accumulated waste materials depriving your muscles of oxygen & nutrients.

Ever felt stiff and inflexible?  Read Maya’s blog on Deep Tissue Massage.

And if you want to book it, just call Maya  Be assured of a warm friendly welcome from an ever smiling Maya !!

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