Have you heard of Bookbub?

If you love to read than you could find some good offers of free or heavily subsidised books on offer at BookBub. Once you sign up and select categories that interest you, both fiction and none-fiction, emails with offers for books based on your preferences will pop into your inbox, although these are mostly time-bound so you have to be quick of the mark to grab the offer while it’s still available.

I’ve had an account with BookBub for a few months now and I’ve downloaded many ebooks directly from Amazon (although there are other retailers to choose from) on to one or all of my Kindles readers – my Kindle Cloud Reader, kindle on the PC and kindle on Windows 8 (but I’m not so keen on the mobile option). I can now access my ebooks from anywhere and have a good read.  There’s no need to carry any books on holiday when baggage limits apply and every kilogram of spare weight counts, especially when you love to shop !

However, even in the digital world, as far as I am concerned, printed copies are irreplaceable and these are what I choose to read at home.

If you’ve found this useful than drop me a note. If you’re already a seasoned pro on BookBub than do share your thoughts, i would love to hear from you !

Click this BookBub link for more info and get started.  Enjoy.

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