Where there’s a will there’s a way


They do look rather high

..what does high heel shoes have to do with it? 

I’m referring to my love-hate relationship with high heel shoes and how learning to wear them all over again has made me feel rejuvenated and boosted my confidence.. because work wear looks so much more smarter with high heels. The moral of the story is: Try and succeed or give up and Fail, there was no other option. I tried, I succeeded, and I feel great.

Until a month ago, I couldn’t walk in high heels. So I started wearing them indoors, all day, every day – what’s so unusual about that? – well you don’t really need shoes let alone heels when you work from home. All I had to do was wake up in the morning, get dressed, come downstairs and get on with my day, voila !!  

But now I’ve got used to wearing one pair before swapping it with a new set, and I’ve got a lovely collection of killer heels.

Few little wobbles, sore feet, small shuffly steps soon followed by big confident ones,  thoughts and worries about falling over were soon replaced by energy and enthusiasm in my stride.

I’ve fallen back in love with my high heels and walking in them is second nature again. I wore them out for the first time recently, and managed to stay upright all evening without even noticing I actually had high heels on.

So, Why buy high heels if I couldn’t walk in them?  Hind sight is a good thing and impulse buys even worse: I saw them, I loved them and I couldn’t resist them so I bought them.  They fitted fine in the shop but miraculously not so at home.. that’s nothing new ! Too big or too small, toes ached, heels sore.  Believe me, walking in them was becoming very unnatural.  So to the back of the wardrobe they went, out of sight out of mind, because I didn’t need them any more. 

But I go out, network, meet new clients and looking small and frumpy in flatties didn’t inspire confidence. A change was needed so a little bit of perseverance and the reward was mine !

The downside of this is, anyone who knows me and reads this, may well just end up looking at my feet instead checking out my high heels next time we meet !!

Got a high heel moment to share?  for that matter, any ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way‘ story, than please share it.

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