Ignore the meeting at your peril !

How often have you set and waited for your next meeting to turn up? But alas the said party doesn’t respond and confirm the meeting, makes no phone call or apology to cancel, just simply fails to appear. Perhaps the person in question is too busy. Perhaps they’re not in the market to buy. But the person you keep close and establish a rapport with may well be your next ticket to financial heaven. So ignore your contacts at your peril !!

123-VA is your 'Virtual Assistant'. We provide a 'done for you' service to organise anything you need for the home or office, giving you all the benefits of remote secretarial support but without any of the complexities or costs of a full time employee. There is no long term commitment, Tax, NI, VAT or office overheads. Only pay for what you need, when you need it and save some time. Please complete our Contact Form for a No-Obligation Quote

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