Does your Outlook 2013 keep crashing? – Possible causes & solutions to try

Within 3 months of buying Outlook 2013, it started to crash, everytime I opened my Outlook mail, it closed itself down again . Unfortunately the software’s warranty period is limited to 3 months therefore free technical support was no longer available so I felt pretty frustrated. By trawling the internet for potential solutions and asking a few friends for advice, I managed to solve the problem.  I therefore complied a list of steps I took to find the solution. You may find these useful too.   NOTE:  this is  for your guidance only and not meant to replace any expert IT help already available to you but its worth trying a few simple checks first before you venture down that route.

Essentially the Steps I’ve listed below are for Outlook 2013 running on windows 8 but may also work with earlier versions of the software

First things first – check if your software is still under warranty (3 months free) and contact Microsoft Office Customer Support OR if you have taken out an IT / PC support subscription, than contact your IT support first.

Try the following checks below. If your outlook still doesn’t work than move on to the next step

– Run the Virus Scan on your PC to eliminate and/or remove any attack that might have affected how your PC and Outlook functionality

– Check for any new installed software or updates
When was the last time you used Outlook? Was it working fine then?  Did you install any new software after that? Were there any scheduled / unscheduled updates in between?  Perhaps you might need to uninstall or disable any

– Check your Virus / Firewall settings and un-check (If safe to do so) any thing that might be preventing outlook from running properly

– Check your Outlook Add-ins

Open Outlook (even if it only stays open briefly)
Click on ‘File’ in the menu bar (do this very quickly before outlook closes)
*Click on “Manage Add-insYou can disable any add-ins which are causing problems

Picture2Check your Outlook Account Settings

Click on ‘File’
Click on ‘Account Settings’
If you have more than one outlook email account, select one at a time and run ‘Repair’
Click next, but don’t change any settings. Outlook will fix any problems if found



Scan and Fix your PST filesthese are data file(s) created by outlook which may have become corrupted

Goto your C:/
Type “SCANPST.EXE” in the ‘search’ box
Doubleclick SCANPST.EXE
Click BROWSE to find the right data file for your email account
Click START & follow the instructions
This will repair the PST files and also create a back-up of the original version
* Once you do this, you’ll find that outlook stays open long enough to  make other repairs if necessary

Instructions for repairing PST files can also be found on the microsoft office website–>outlook help–> repair outlook data files pst

Picture4Check McAfee (if you use this as your PC protection software) firewall settings / internal connection for programs

if outlook is listed as ‘ON’, you might want to change the setting to ‘OFF’ by selecting ‘Edit’
e.g. microsoft office click-to-run, this may be causing outlook from working properly

Create a new microsoft outlook profile.  (If all else above has failed, this may finally solve the problem)

When you first install microsoft, it creates one profile
Your original profile may have become corrupted, so create a new profile


Goto Control Panel
Click ‘User Accounts and Family Safety’
Click  ‘Mail (Microsoft outlook 2013)’
Click ‘Show profiles’
Click on ‘Add’ and follow on-screen instructions to set up a new profile
Then Select option required
(Option 1) Prompt for a profile to be used
(Option 2) Always use this profile

If you select Option 1, than everytime you open outlook, it will prompt you to select the profile you want.  Therefore several people can use outlook as their default email account on one PC and you can also have several profiles, for different business or personal accounts

Then re-create /add your email account with IMAP/POP settings as appropriate

Retrieving data from old PST file
(i.e. incoming, saved e-mails, folders etc before outlook crashed)

E-mails, folders and other data from the old profile / PST file should still be available for you to access.  I simply added the old PST file back into my new Outlook profile so that I can still access my old emails and folders.

Goto ‘File’
Click Account Settings
Click Data Files
Click Add
Browse/Select the old PST file
Rename file as appropriate



Did you find this useful?

Please leave a comment or other solutions you have tried and worked

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