My 10 Rules of a Great Service

10 rules of a great service

A service is not the same as a product, one you can return if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work.

No matter how clued up you are, there is always that little niggling doubt, “what happens if I don’t like what I get” or after the event… “I didn’t get what I expected”
We’ve probably all experienced this at some point in our lives.

As a service giver and a service receiver, I have created my own set of rules for a good service  

Service Receiver (the Customer)

(1)  Don’t give away your trust  (even if you know the person well)
Trust has to be earned.

(2) Get it written down.
Make sure you know exactly what you’re going to get, when you’re going to get it, and how much it’s going to cost you
Make sure your needs and requirements are clearly understood
Make sure to remove any ambiguities
Make sure the supplier can deliver the service you want at the price you can afford
see rule (7)

(3)  Check the Guarantee.
What happens if you don’t like what you get?
What if you don’t get what you expected?
What will the supplier do to put things right?
Make sure you find out before you sign on the dotted line OR if a verbal guarantee is offered, make sure you get it in writing too before any work starts or money exchanges hands.  Be wary if there is NO GUARANTEE. Find out why.
See rule (2)

(4) Check the T&C’s (Terms and Conditions)
Check when you have to pay and how you have to pay… in advance or on completion
Check what you’ll get at the end of the service… i.e. left over materials, copyright to design, product
Check what you have to provide, access to materials, building, your time for consultations….
See rule (2)

Service Giver (the Supplier)

(5)  Treat everyone the same
Small business owner or big corporation..
You don’t know who they know, who may want what you offer

(6) Don’t say it if you can’t deliver it
If you said what you’ll do, then do what you said
Don’t raise expectations than complain if it takes you too long to complete the task, don’t blame or criticize the customer, it’s not their fault see rule (10)
If you promised it, remember to deliver it
 See rule (7)

(7) Write it down and get it signed.  Why?
Make sure you’ve clearly understood what your customer wants
Be clear about what you will do, when you’ll start and when you’ll finish
Make sure your customer agrees to what you will deliver
Be clear about what you will expect from your customer
See rule (2)

(8) Don’t start a project if you can’t deliver it within the client’s budget
Check what the client’s budget is and tell them straight if you can’t deliver the service they want within the budget they have.  If you’re good at what you do than they’ll wait until they can afford your services.
Don’t make promises you can’t keep
See rule (7)

(9) Give a good Guarantee
Do under promise an over deliver …
Don’t over promise and under deliver…
Offer it or make people aware of it …
Trust is not given, it has to be earned, so earn it

(10) Think before you speak, before you write
One written, not easily retracted
Once spoken, not easily forgotten

…and lastly my guarantee

My word is my bond
I said it. I’ll deliver it OR I’ll face the consequences
100% Guarantee: If you’re not happy and I can’t resolve the problem than you don’t pay a penny !

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